Bitney 3S Model

What is the 3S Model?

The 3S model is derived from the 3S Fundamentals which states that there are three fundamentals, regardless of industry, that are key to making a good business better. The 3S included in the fundamentals were Strategy, Scalability and Sustainability.

In Bitney Foundation, the Bitney 3S Model is an inspiration from the 3S Fundamentals and has evolved entirely according to the Bitney Ecosystem. These 3S we are referring to are Smart Hub Structure, Self-Sustaining Ecosystems, and Sharing Economy Platform.

The Smart Hub Structure refers to the entire transparent Bitney ecosystem consisting of several industries wihtin a single platform. With the mission of creating a vibrant and engaged community; it is equally important for the entire community to easily connect and integrate their resources to ensure the future success of the combined hub. Resources refers to technology upgrades such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Communications & Blockchain Technology, as well as business development such as Merge & Acquisition (M&A), Assets Multiplication, Accelerations & Incubations, Automated Sales Duplication Methodology.

The Self-Sustaining Ecosystem refers to a shared and trustworthy ecosystem where businesses or communities of any industry can connect in a single hub easily by integrating Bitney's tokenomics. Every participating business or community is independent of one another, as they are self-regulated and self-sustaining with independent and unique business models, thus creating an environment of entities striving economically in spite of market factors. This, in turn, enables more opportunities for new services & innovations to emerging as well as attracting a greater number of independent collaborating participants.

The Sharing Economy Platform refers to the access-based model along with recirculation of demands thereby enhancing value creations and value delivery. Technology has been the biggest driver behind the sharing economy’s growth. Through digitalization, Bitney has been able to tap into the informal economy and capture some of its value. Micro-transactions and peer-to-peer reviewing have facilitated ease and trust in online sharing opening up to a new world of resources consolidation.

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